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? they have been asking that question since 2008.ha >> look at cnn. they played the song "stupid girls" when doing a piece on governor palin. that's another example. watch. >> ♪ stupid girls ♪ stupid girls ♪ stupid girls >> sarah palin is apparently hungry for chicken and controversy. >> where do you begin? >> stupid girls is exceeded by stupid explanation by cnn where they said it had nothing to do with the news. it had nothing to do with the guest. and then they said it was a wrong choice. of course it does. every music segment you put in is put in for a reason. it is attached to the guest. so for them to deny reality explains why the average viewer ship of cnn is about -- >> that's why on my radio show i play cuts of obama saying the purpose is to inhale and i play waste land. >> people have reached their destination and there are more people who have stopped watching you at the end of the show thatst will ever begin watching cnn. their audience is down to 300,000. >> i don't know that. thank you. coming up at the end of the program, the single most outrageous example of media bias
? they've been asking that question since 2008. >> loox at cnn they play the song "stupid girls" when doing a piece on governor palin. watch. >> sara palin apparently hungry for chicken and controversy. >> stupid girls only exceeded by stupid explanations by cnn saying it had nothing to do with the news or guests. said it was a wrong choice. >> of course, every music thing you put is put in for a reason. it's attached to the guest. >> explains why the average viewership of cnn is about -- . >> on my radio show i the purpose was to inhale. >> people are turning offer the show because they reached their destination. there are more people who have stopped watching you at the end of the show that will ever begin watching cnn. their audience is down to 300,000. >> i don't know that. thank you. >> coming up at the end of the program, brent going reveal the outrageous example of media bias, coming up next, more on the media paneling of the 2012 election with our audience. plus, how so called journalists are aiding the white house in covering up facts in the ben fwazy terrorist attacks that k
blackwell with "cnn newsroom" continues. >> good morning, happening in "the newsroom" dodging the fiscal cliff crisis for now. with all of the talk about spending less why are lawmakers giving billions to businesses that are already thriving? we'll show you who is cashing in. >>> party crashers, republicans split over the tax deal and the core values of the gop and that strained unity faces a bigger test as a new deadline looms over spending cuts. >>> while the gop licks its wounds, wall street gets ready to celebrate. u.s. stocks set to open higher as markets around the world trade higher on the deal. >>> and they told us to basically drop dead. that's how one new yorker is reportedly characterizing the house after ending the session without sending any sandy relief to the northeast. >> everybody played by the rules, except tonight, when the rug was pulled out from under us, inexcusable, indefensible. >> "newsroom" starts right now. good morning, i'm victor blackwell sitting in for carol costello. 11th hour drama, congress swerves away from the dreaded fiscal cliff, but on this morning
. >> i know you've heard this my times, but i loved your show on cnn that you had a few years ago. why did you decide to play the straight man? [inaudible] who are putting a deal together for hbo and john kline was the president, john kline, the president of cnn. they said we'll put you on tv right now. i was overwhelmed because it was the first time i didn't know what i was supposed to be. and a precipice to be a news journalist. at some point i found out that i was just supposed to be in the end it was like landing in russia. it was a total culture shock, but i learned a lot about myself and i learned a lot i think about people and their consumption of news. it was fun that would shape the way i started to see things. [inaudible conversations] >> no you don't. >> on the topic of wealth and qatar, do you think we have this level of wealth that americans would still have a thirst for learning? i feel like that is something that is missing from our society. >> there's never been a society more wealthy. there's also never been a generation less curious. i think we have been consumed. we
. >> the motion is adopted without objection to reconsider is laid on the table. >> reporter: but sources tell cnn right after the toxic fiscal cliff vote the house speak joern cliff vote the house speak joe n janua yanked the bill. >> reporter: the reason? cnn told the speaker he worried it was bad internal politics for him to allow a vote on $60 million after a long day of getting pommelled for spending. >> on a political chest board of politics our people were played last night as a pawn. >> i called the speaker four times last night after 11:20 and he did not take my calls. it is why the american people hate congress. it's why they hate them. >> reporter: and this meeting that just wrapped up really lasted a short time, maybe 20 minutes tops, wolf. it was clear that the house speaker knew he had to clean it up and clean it up fast and he had a plan ready to go to take the votes to reassure the republicans that were devastated by sandy. >> do you have doubt john boehner will be the speaker of the house? >> reporter: when it comes to these republicans who were clearly very angry, i asked one mic
're bringing their message to washington. more of "cnn newsroom" with don lemon. >>> thank you very much, suzanne. i'm don lemon in for brooke baldwin. huge day of news to tell you about, including a big day on wall street. the dow skyrocketing after congress comes together on a deal that prevents tax hikes for the majority of americans. but don't get too happy just yet. this deal only sets up a nastier showdown in the coming months. we'll break that down in a moment. but first, this. we're going to start with superstorm sandy. at anytime now, any minute, new jersey governor chris christie set to hold a news conference on the fight over aid to victims of superstorm sandy. these victims may have to wait for months for help, because your congress just cannot get it together. unless, unless a meeting this hour provides a last minute fix, house lawmakers will leave town would the passing an aid package to help sandy survivors rebuild their homes and their lives. lawmakers from areas affected by sandy are furious that the senate-passed bill may die. republican congressman peter king says it i
just spoke with my colleague, cnn's victor blackwell. have a listen to this sweetheart. >> absolutely devastating. what was most galling about this is within ten days of katrina, we gladly voted $60 billion. it's now nine weeks since sandy struck long island, new york, new jersey, a and we have not gotten a penny from the united states congress. we played by the rules as i said last night, governor christie, governor cuomo, we met with eric cantor, who by the way, kept his word throughout this, and the bill was drawn. we were promised that it would come up yet. we provided every penny of documentation, and the speaker of the house of representatives walked off the floor, didn't even give us a courtesy of a notice, told as ann -- -- so there's some dysfunction in the leadership, the speaker for some reason is taking it out on new york, long island and new jersey, speaker boehner is the one. he walked off the floor, refused to tell us why, refused to give under the circumstances any indication of warning whatsoever, and eric cantor met with us throughout the week, he devised the strateg
went over the cliff. the gop caucus just met to try and figure out its next move. cnn has learned that house speaker john boehner put two options on the table. amend the senate bill with a package of spending cuts, or bring up the senate-passed measure for a so-called up or down vote in the house. i'm going to ask dana to explain to us what an up or down vote means. today, the number two republican in the house, majority leader eric cantor flatly told reporters i do not support this bill. >> -- looking for the best path forward. >> here's part of the problem for at least some lawmakers. the congressional budget office, a nonpartisan group, said today the senate-backed legislation will add nearly $4 trillion to federal deficits over a decade, but keep in mind that is relative to where deficits would have been if congress had let all the bush tax cuts expire, which was an option that virtually no one wanted. so is there life left in the senate's proposal or have we fallen off the cliff for good or at least for a few days? joining me now is our senior congressional correspondent, dan
watching what's going on. let's bring in cnn's ali velshi. what a difference a few hours makes. it now looks like the senate-passed version will pass the house. the president will sign it into law. the fiscal cliff will be history. >> things have turned upside down about four times in the last 24 hours. 24 hours ago you and i were talking about how we have faith in humanity, then everything turned upside down. i'm keeping an eye on international markets. u.s. markets will open 24 hours from now. but asian markets are open. tokyo won't open. it has a holiday. but we see trading in hong kong and seoul open. they're both up a little bit because everybody is doing what we're doing. they think this seems hopeful. if markets had opened six hours ago, they'd probably be down thinking now what's going to happen? but now it looks hopeful that the u.s. will not go over the fiscal cliff if everything you heard from dana and jessica come to pass. for the moment international markets are cautious, they are trading just marginally higher, nobody's all too worried just yet. and they have eight more h
on twister and facebook. search early start cnn. >>> i'll give you a hint, double thumbs up this morning. plus four masked men break into paris' flagship apple store. you will not believe what they got away with. aig? we said we were going to turn it around, and we did. woman: we're helping joplin, missouri, come back from a devastating tornado. man: and now we're helping the east coast recover from hurricane sandy. we're a leading global insurance company, based right here in america. we've repaid every dollar america lent us. everything, plus a profit of more than $22 billion. for the american people. thank you, america. helping people recover and rebuild -- that's what we do. now let's bring on tomorrow. >>> welcome back. 23 past the hour. a brazen million dollar break-in at an apple store in paris. masked gun wielding suspects forced their way in through an employee entrance new year's eve. they overpowered a security guard and janitor. a total of four or five suspects were involved. they loaded boxes of loot on to a truck. the heist happened about three hours after the store had clo
and supports those who'd do the same. and a widely hailed message written for cnn.com he presented a call to action, imploring parents to become active participants in changing the reading habits of their kids. on a personal note, when we receive the news that james patterson would be with us at the miami book fair this year, i was more than thrilled. but i was also not surprised that his primary reason for coming was not to promote his books, but instead he wanted to make this session celebrating the notion of family reading. that is what we are going to do this morning. mr. patterson is going to come out and say some words and then we are going to sit down and engage in a bit of a conversation but then we are also going to take questions from the audience so i hope you all have those wheels spinning and start thinking about some questions that you might have. if you're young, don't be intimidated. come right on the as i know you'd love to hear lessons from you too. please give a really, really warm, warm miami and miami book fair welcome to mr. james patterson. [applause] [applause] >>
is if we're ready for the next superstorm. cnn presents "the coming storms" sunday night at 8:00 eastern. >>> to weather in outer space. this is an un all uadrantid m meteor shore tonight. the moon is particularly bright. the stars fall aaround 11 p.m. in each time zone with the peak viewing around 3:00 a.m. or so. between 60 and 200 meterors pepper hour streak across the sky. worth checking it out. you think gangnam style is a big hit, wait until you hear "one-pound fish." the new song out of pakistan now taking the internet by storm. ♪ [ all ] 3, 2, 1... [ male announcer ] as the year counts down, your savings can add up with the adt new year's sale. help protect your family with the advanced technology of adt starting at just $99 -- a savings of $300 plus 15% off accessories. but you must call before midnight january 2nd. more than a security system, adt can help let your family in from the cold even when you're away from home. adjust your thermostat remotely to help save energy and money. turn on the lights, even see that everyone is safe and secure. and with adt, you can rely on o
-- guess who i said hi to at the pool. jeff zucker, the new head of cnn. how you doing, jeff. everyone was responsible for one of my canceled shows. >> which one did he cancel? >> on cnbc. >> good luck at cnn. he said we'll have to leave it there. [ wah wah ] >> stephanie: it was worth it just for the conversation to listen to the conversations at the pool and stuff. we literally -- we walked across lounges and one person was on the phone saying what time is the private jet going to be here? there is a am would on the phone going are we giving them access to the private jet or not? and roland and i are like we came in economy plus. you should see the legroom! hey, everybody! we really did. we were excited we got economy plus with extra legroom. literally -- very 1 percy. >> all of the peanuts you could eat. >> macadamia nuts, sure. >> stephanie: they don't give you those anymore. they're expensive. we were saying -- we were looking at breakfast because the one lady, the one private jet lady was a beautifu
of his work can be seen in the 24 part cnn television series cold war. a graduate of universal -- yale university, class of, can you help me, i was missing that detail. mr. evans, his book blacklisted by history the untold story of senator joe mccarthy and his fight against america's enemies gives an account of the age of mccarthyism during the cold war. evans has been the recipients of honorary doctorates from institutions like syracuse university and the john marshall law school and has won accuracy in media irvine award for excellence in journalism. join me in welcoming our panelists. [applause] [applause] >> lee, would you like to start? >> it is such a pleasure and honor to be here. once again i was flattered to be asked to participate in the first seminar last year i didn't do too badly. i see some good friends out here and also some people i admire including if senator jim buckley. he deserve a round of applause. let us begin with a paradox. whitaker chambers. whitaker chambers was a soviet spy who became in bill buckley's words, the most important american defector from communi
programs. he was interviewed by cnn possible blitzer. >> are you gandhi is the raising of the debt ceiling as leverage to get from the president? >> i think there's going to be a whole new field of battle with the debt ceiling rolls around. most of us have pledged before we voted in to raise the debt ceiling, even though it may be at political cost, we have to address spending. that means entitlements. we have to sit down to gather and get us back on a path. look, we just added $2.1 trillion in the last increase of the debt ceiling, and spending continues to go up. i think there's going to be a pretty big showdown the next time around. >> juliet schor, that senator john mccain. can you explain the significance of the republican push to raise the retirement age and how are people organizing around this? >> republicans have been trying to cut undermined, reduce, get rid of social security for decades and decades. it is pretty much a constant. what i think is troubling about the current period, we also have a president now that is put pretty significant concessions and cuts to social security
in toronto. panelists including charles crowdhammer and cnn host debated the u.s. and israeli position in the middle east. the consequences of launching a war in iran and iran's influence in the region. this is just over 90 minutes. >> you don't know which of your facts will be demolished. >> i've never heard such stupid things. [laughter] >> you don't know which of your arguments will be totally destroyed. >> he's never said withdrawal. >> he said immediately >> is it possible to actually complete a sentence? >> and then you've got to come back and you're sick enough. >> you asked me to engage with a serious argument. i have yet to hear a serious argue frment either of these two. no, no, no. >> you're going to say something. >> i'm not prepared to sacrifice the african continent for some free-market north korea liberal ideology. >> let's save the bleeding heart for somebody else. it's time to change. >> we're all in this. so the united states can't pull itself out by running a trade surplus unless we can find another planet to sell to. >> we remain totally unlike japan. the place wher
. i don't think he knew who we were. he didn't realize he was on cnn. he was just standing there. kathy had been badmouthing psy during his performance saying he's anti-american. >> i heard he hates america. >> there was an incident in the past. then you say to him -- so you first of all -- >> i wanted to throw you under the bus. >> you say i'm the one badmouthing him, which is not true. >> that's like the fiscal cliff, a debate. >> he didn't have a mike on him, obviously. so when you say to him you're basically printing money out of your butt, he pauses and says, thank you, coming from you that means a lot. >> which is really true because coming from a lot of people it wouldn't have real meaning but i put weight to an expression "you must be printing money out of your butt." it's a compliment. he has a hit song. then of course a second song. >> he doesn't have a second song. >> he doesn't need one. he's printing money -- i'm going to let you finish. would you like to apologize for some things you did last night? i think you went too far. >> no. time to wrap it up, isn't it? >> i
hospital with her husband, former president bill clinton. earlier cnn reported that mrs. clinton had been released from the hospital, but now they are reporting she's been transferred to another hospital. secretary clinton has been hospitalized since sunday after doctors found a blood clot behind her right ear during a followup exam for a concussion that she suffered. doctors have been treating it with blood thinners. >>> today is the first day that courthouses in maryland were open for business after the same sex marriage law took effect new year's day. as kristin fisher reports, six such couples officially tied the knot today at the montgomery county judicial center. ♪ going to the courthouse and we're going to get married ♪ ♪ >> the first day delay get the license i ran over here. i work -- day i could get the license i ran over here. i live across the street. they asked me when do you want to get married and i said as soon as possible. this is the first time and we took. it. >> reporter: jesse and joey are the first couple to get married at the montgomery county courthouse. >>
'm not predicting that. there an awful lot ahead of us. the cnn money survey of money managers finds a more defensive year. a grind higher, 4.5% is the return you will see on stock investments because the budgets fights ahead. the s & p 500 gained nearly 13.5% last year, so 4.5% run this year, hey, we'll take it. but it wouldn't be something like double digits last year. >> i want to bring people back to yesterday. when it looked like this deal might fall apart, a lot of people said today would be a disaster on the markets. tarp level drops of 600, 700 points. >> when we talk about tarp level drops, remember, there was a bank bailout. put together, congress didn't take it, and the stock market reacted wildly. huge declines and we've talked to members of congress and said that memory is fresh in their minds. they didn't want to hurt people again with having their 401(k) get slammed. i feel like there are going to be many more morning in the first half of the year where we'll talk about what are futures doing. the congress is it the 11th hour again. >> christine romans, at the capital late la
. ryan seacrest carson daly and anderson cooper and kathy lee griffin. cnn received a negligible number of watchers. >> bill: it's sad to say that you had nothing better to do on new year's eve than sit home and watch television. >> i don't go out on new year's eve because it is amateur hour. if i do anything, i go to a party at a friend's house or have people over. i didn't do anything. i flipped through some channels. new year's eve party coverage the worst. every one of them was terrible. >> yeah it's not great television, but you know what -- >> bill: my recommendation is go to bed. >> i actually watched fiscal cliff coverage. it was better than ryan seacrest. i was asleep by midnight. >> bill: happy new year. [ laughter ] >> a new list of words from 2012 that should be banned. the annual choices of words and phrases that we should never say again. it includes kick the can down the road. spoiler alert. bucket list, trending guru, yolo, which stands for you only live once and of course fiscal cliff. >> i'm okay -- >> bill: with all of those. i am too. >> and fox news
changed with in the room. >> jim of cnn sends out this week. -- tweet. how could the senate passed this 89-8 and yet it is so hard to get it done in the house? >> this is not the first time this has happened. there was a payroll tax cut extension. when you are elected, you have voters from all over the state. you have a lot of people with similar views about the world. when you are talking to your base back home, that is the way it works. one house member, a republican, was saying he had to watch out for his own voters more than the electorate in general. >> thank you for holding. you are on the air. >> hello. i want to know why he. i worked at a company for five years. i am unemployed now. i am getting unemployment. hi husband doesn't work. it was a single family income. i want to know and understand how a cameo -- can you try to raise everyone's taxes and make the poor and like me -- and i am struggling to keep my home right now. nobody wants to come to an agreement on the fiscal cliff. >> i saw a report by the washington post that 71% of people will have their taxes raised by this deal?
Search Results 0 to 22 of about 23 (some duplicates have been removed)

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